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“Looking back, I wasted a lot of time in my life because of my hair loss. Not wanting to go out, not wanting to do anything. I was becoming more and more upset because I couldn’t go out and I could not deal with my hair loss the way it was.

I can’t tell you how much confidence this system has given me; I just get up in the morning and go for a shower and then run the straighteners through my hair. I couldn’t imagine my life without it now.”

Sandra, Hair Solved Glasgow Client.

We know that coping with hair loss can be very difficult and that sometimes, hearing from other women who have been through this experience and come out the other side, can help.

Here, some of our Clients talk about their hair loss from Alopecia, Trichotillomania and chemotherapy treatment for Cancer, how it made them feel and how our Enhancer System has made a difference to their lives.

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Priya lost her hair when she was 13. By 17 it had all grown back and she enjoyed her first two years of uni with her natural thick dark hair. Then at 19 it happened again. (Image altered for Priya's privacy).

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“With a wig, I felt like two different people – one person when I had it on, and someone completely different when I took it off. I’m so glad I’ve found something more permanent, like it’s my own hair."

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Louise found out she had cervical cancer just a few short months after getting married. Sharing her story is her way of helping other women facing chemotherapy.

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Joanna has been coming to Hair Solved for seven years and says our Enhancer System is the best solution for her Alopecia Areata.

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Victoria started thinking about hair loss the day she got her Breast Cancer diagnosis.

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It was Denny's experience of Hair Loss that led to the founding of Hair Solved. Years later she shares her story.

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Dominique had a hysterectomy a few years ago, which caused an early menopause. Coupled with an under-active thyroid, so many hormonal issues caused mayhem with her hair.

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Fiona's hair loss started during pregnancy but when her mental health hit an all-time low she knew she needed to find a hair loss solution that worked.

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What Hair Solved has done for me as a young woman has been completely life changing.

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If I look back at pictures, I always had really long thick hair - the thickest in the family. When I found a bald spot and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, it was a big shock.

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From the moment I had it done it was like being a different person. It was amazing.

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Trich made Rebekah so self-conscious growing up, but her system transformed her confidence levels dramatically.

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Hair loss is difficult to cope with at any age, but imagine being the only girl at school with alopecia.

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My alopecia seemed to develop slowly and for some time I believed it was part of the ageing process.

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Jo isn't sure what causes her hair loss, but is so happy with her new hair after visiting our Manchester salon with her mother who suffers from Alopecia.

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I couldn't even bring myself to go out of the house. I was so distraught at what had happened to my hair because of Alopecia.

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Have you experienced hair loss? Are you one of our clients who has benefited from our hair loss solution? Have you tried any solutions to hair loss, such as wigs, toppers, hair extensions or other systems?

Whatever your experiences of hair loss, sharing them could help other women who are struggling to come to terms with their own hair loss or are unsure about what to do. We’d love to hear from you and any information you provide will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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