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“When I first noticed my hair had started to fall out, I was shocked and thought ‘Oh no, my hair!’ It was progressive and didn’t fall out all at once… but I kept thinking my hair’s going thinner and thinner. Then I woke up one day and realised I had hardly any left.

It was just horrible.  I started to feel that I was more like a man than a woman. Now I have the Enhancer System, I feel like a woman again. I love it.”

Dominique, Hair Solved Manchester Client.

We know that coping with hair loss can be very difficult and that sometimes, hearing from other women who have been through this experience and come out the other side, can help.

Here, some of our Clients talk about their hair loss from Alopecia, Trichotillomania and chemotherapy treatment for Cancer, how it made them feel and how our Enhancer System has made a difference to their lives.

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