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My Life Changing Experience

19 December 2023 | Client Stories


R is for Restoration

02 November 2021 | Client Stories

My name is Emily Hamilton. I am a Trans Woman navigating gender transition in my 40s.  Being Trans is just one aspect of my personality. I am a parent, a senior manager in my workplace and an advocate for Mental Health. This blog for me is super vulnerable as I’m […]

Breast Cancer at 34

19 October 2021 | Client Stories

My breast cancer story. I first noticed a lump in my breast in October last year. I’ve always described my breasts as a bit “lumpy” much to my friends amusement, so I didn’t think too much of it. Afterall, I thought, breast cancer at 34 is quite rare. However, by […]

The devastating impact of losing my hair.

13 February 2020 | Client Stories

The impact of hair loss led to the most horrible time in my life. Let me tell you about the impact of hair loss. My hair first started to become thin in 2010 because of an under active thyroid. It quickly started to get worse, coming out in handfuls and […]

Mima’s hair loss story.

09 December 2019 | Client Stories

My hair loss is related to my thyroid condition. I have an under active thyroid and have had the condition for 35 years. However my hair started thinning really, really badly during the past 15 years. More recently it became very distressing, I just couldn’t style it any way to […]

Why I’m not tearing my hair out

29 May 2018 | Client Stories

Trichotillomania, or trich for short, is a hard condition to understand. After all, who’d want to pull their own hair out and make themselves look like that? What makes it an even harder condition to understand is the fact that it mostly affects women and young girls; for whom hair […]

Hair loss – an issue we shouldn’t be ashamed of!

23 May 2018 | Client Stories

Hair loss is more common than you think. Hair Loss is an issue we shouldn’t be ashamed of. Eight million women in the UK suffer from hair loss, so it is fair to say none of us are immune to it. Stress, genetic disorders, pregnancy and the menopause to non-stop […]