The Hair Experts Extension Perfection

Hair extensions by Hair Solved are the perfect way to add length, body and colour to your hair. Whether you want more voluptuous locks or a completely new look for yourself, extensions can provide you with an immediate transformation.

Our years of expertise means we have some of the best technicians in the business and our extension offering has been developed using only the best choice of product, quality of hair and technique to create the lustress locks and look you desire.

Call us on 0800 065 4501 or use our contact form to find out about our hair extensions. You can also ask for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our senior team in any of our salons, or by video from the comfort of your own home and start planning your transformation today. Find out more.

Micro Ring Extensions

Hair Solved have developed our own unique attachment application method, using weft hair extensions sewn into the hair on a track of micro rings.

Micro ring extensions are versatile and suitable for people with most hair types and length of hair –  you don’t need to have shoulder length or thick hair to start with, because we can build both seamlessly into your hair using this type of extension.

We only use the same high-quality products and service we have perfected within our Enhancer System, allowing you to enjoy incredibly luscious natural hair with covetable body and length, with no glue or adhesive.

The time your appointment takes will depend on your own hair and whether you opt for fashion colours, a half head or a full head of extensions. The process can take as little as one hour to a maximum of around three. 

It’s important to have your extensions regularly adjusted and tightened as your own hair starts to grow and this usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour. With natural hair growth of around ½ inch per month, this should be around every 5-7 weeks.

Your extensions will eventually need to be removed and refitted and this can vary from 3 months to up to 5 or 6 months, depending on the growth of your own hair. 

why micro ring


Adds extra length and thickness whatever the length of your own hair

Possible to achieve a full head of extensions in just one hour with only 5-6 rows of extensions fitted

Unlike traditional braided weave, weft hair lies flat, so it is very natural looking with low visibility of the extensions

Very easy to maintain, usually lasting 5-7 weeks before tightening is needed and depending on how fast your own hair grows

Maintenance appointments usually take between 30 minutes and an hour

Your hair can be reused for 6-9 months depending on aftercare

Tape Extensions

Our lightweight, ultra-slender, tape-in extension system is perfect for adding extra length and body to hair that already has a little length e.g. jaw or shoulder length. They are also very light and particularly good for those with a sensitive scalp. In most cases we can create a full head of hair in less than an hour. See Natalie’s transformation using tape extensions below.

Tape extensions are applied by removing the backing from the weft exposing the polyurethane and laying a thin veil of hair over the top. A polyurethane adhesive tape creates a secure and comfortable bond yet allows for easy application. A second weft is applied directly on top of the first weft, “sandwiching” the natural hair in between.

The removal and reapplication is just as easy, with the tape adhesive dissolving on contact with the remover and allowing the gentle removal of the tapes. Then the residual adhesive is removed, the hair is washed and dried while our technicians apply the new adhesive tape so the extensions can be reapplied.

This will take just a little longer than your original fitting, unless you opt to have more added – it can be quite addictive! Subject to hair growth, the tape extensions will remain in place for 6–8 weeks before needing to be repositioned.

why tape?


Length and volume can be achieved quickly (20-30 minutes for volume and 45-60 minutes for length)

Perfectly suited for those who already have some length and for adding body to fine hair

Only hair extension system using adhesive that is reusable and gentle on your hair

Ability to add colour quickly without bleaching or dyeing your hair

Tapes are ultra-thin, so they’re invisible, comfortable and perfect for sensitive scalps

Tape hair extensions are usually quicker to apply than micro ring extensions, however maintenance appointments tend to be longer