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About Menopause Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Most people think hair loss only affects men, but hair thinning and hair loss – also referred to as hair shedding, hair balding and hair fall – in women, is a common condition. Our hair plays a big part in our self-image and for it to thin can be a very emotionally disturbing experience. During menopause, hair loss and hair thinning can be the result of a hormonal imbalance, a time when woman can also be experiencing symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety and irregular menstrual cycles.

Our Hair Loss Solution

Our innovative Enhancer system, provides a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss that is non-surgical, non-invasive and doesn’t use any heat or glue which can be damaging to existing hair.

Instead, the Enhancer hair replacement system uses a combination of hair extensions and a mesh for the scalp to enhance existing hair or, in cases of severe hair loss, replace it.

It is highly suited to thinning hair as each system is completely bespoke and tailored for the individual woman. You choose the length and volume you want to achieve and extensions are added to the lightweight mesh to mirror the natural fall of your own hair. Your hair is then cut and styled, just like you would have your natural hair.

Our pricing and payment options also help make our system more accessible and competitive than other solutions on the market.

“The girls at the salon are so nice, funny and friendly it creates such a wonderful atmosphere. It makes it feel like you aren’t just going to any old hair salon and that it is special to you which is really nice.” Read more about Dominique’s story.

Our System
Smiling female client with chestnut brown hair system Female Client With Genetic Thinning Hair Loss Denny with auburn bob and low lighs

We can help you cope with menopause & perimenopause hair loss

Hair Solved can help you deal with hair thinning and hair loss caused by the menopause.

Our hair system is lightweight and secure. You don’t have to take it off at the end of the day or worry about getting it wet in the shower, spa or swimming. You really can get on with your daily life and doing all the things you love.

Our Enhancer solution can also help you regain your confidence and feel like you again. So many women we work with say its a life-changer – you can see some of their transformations in our gallery.  Our bespoke mesh integration system really is the perfect treatment for hair loss and thin hair.

“As a child I’d always had thin hair that never grew. Finally, to make matters worse my hair became much thinner due to being pre-menopausal.”

Read Amanda's Story
Female client with brown hair having blow dry Smiling female client with dark brown mid length enhancer styled and happily ready to leave our salon
Female client having brown enhancer system styled and blow dryed

Hair Thinning and Menopause Symptoms

The menopause is a biological process that all women experience at some point in their lives when the body goes through numerous physical changes as it adjusts to fluctuating hormone levels.

Many women have unpleasant symptoms during menopause, including hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia. Hair loss and thinning hair is another common occurrence.

Hair loss tends to be subtler in women than it is in men. Most women experience overall hair thinning rather than noticeable bald spots. The thinning can occur on the front, sides, or top of the head. There may also be a recession of the hairline and temples. Hair may also fall out in large clumps during brushing and showering and women often see an increase in the instance of hair falling out.

Hair Thinning and Menopause Causes

During menopause the production of oestrogen and progesterone lowers. These hormones help hair grow faster and stay on the head for longer periods of time. When the levels of oestrogen and progesterone drop, hair grows more slowly and becomes much thinner. A decrease in these hormones also triggers an increase in the production of androgens, or a group of male hormones. Androgens shrink hair follicles, resulting in hair loss on the head.

For women going through menopause, the cause of hair loss is almost always related to hormonal changes. However, there are other factors that can contribute to hair loss during menopause, including high levels of stress, illness, a lack of certain nutrients, or as an inherited part of the ageing process. Blood tests can help rule out other causes of hair loss include thyroid tests.