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The Enhancer System

"It changed my life… it feels natural and real, not like a wig. It feels so secure and I feel so much more confident. If people are looking at me now, they are looking because my hair is so nice!"

Cathy, Hair Solved Manchester Client

The natural solution to female hair loss

Our innovative Enhancer System was devised by our founder, Lucas Soyka. A light, yet durable mesh is secured to your scalp using your existing hair, or if you have total hair loss, we use specialist surgical tape. 100% real hair extensions are expertly attached to the mesh, with unique and lightweight fixings that help to create the look and feel of natural hair.

Our Enhancer System can add volume to thinning or patchy hair or provide the best solution for total hair loss. Women tell us that their system soon feels like part of them and they actually forget it’s not their real hair!

Our hair loss system is incredibly safe as it’s non-invasive and non-surgical. We don’t use any hot glue or wax to attach the hair to the head. Instead we attach the hair extensions to the mesh to mirror the natural fall of hair.

You’re unique… and so is every Hair Solved Enhancer System

No two women are the same, so no two Enhancer Systems can be the same. Our skilled technicians custom-fit each system to each individual client. You can choose what style and colour you start with and even the type of hair you would like, such as straight or with a natural wave. And if you want to enjoy a regular trip to see your stylist, you can do that too.

"I have my hair long to start with, so I can have it trimmed regularly to keep it looking nice." Laura

What’s more, our system has been designed to be fitted and maintained in less time than most comparable systems – reducing the cost and inconvenience for you.


Each system is tailored to your exact requirements, adding volume to thinning hair or providing the perfect solution to total hair loss.


We use a light, flexible mesh directly on the scalp, along with 100% real hair to create the look and feel of natural, beautiful hair.


Your new hair system can be washed in the shower, making it simple and convenient to look after and keep it looking beautiful.


Your new hair system fits in with your lifestyle. Once fitted, you can swim, exercise and style it, just like you would your own hair.


A pain and stress free, non-surgical, non-invasive hair replacement system.


A light, durable mesh which sits comfortably on your scalp.


Lightweight mesh, neat fixings and 100% natural hair. No bulky fixings or uncomfortable tapes.

Enhancer System Image Before Enhancer System Image After

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Watch our client, Lauren, have her very first Enhancer System fitted on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies.

Hair Solved Brushing

Our solution is 100% natural hair,
easy to style and care for.


"You sleep in it, you can shampoo and condition it and you can blow dry it. Without this system I don’t know what I would have done. When I put my make up on, get myself dressed up and fix my hair I feel like myself again. In fact, my friends tell me I look ten years younger!"

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Q: Wearing a wig makes me worry that it will come off. Is the Enhancer System secure and can I wear it without worrying?

Q: Can I have it cut and coloured to suit my own personal style?

Q: Will my hair grow back underneath the Enhancer System?

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Hair Extensions

We also offer high-quality hair extensions, which can be the perfect solution for women with certain types of hair thinning. We can tell you more and advise you accordingly at your free consultation.