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My Life Changing Experience

19 December 2023 | Client Stories


Meet the Manchester Team

04 October 2023 | Salons & Staff

Get to know Kirsty, one of our talented Stylists from Hair Solved. Find out what she loves most about her role.

Meet Natalie our Manchester Salon Director

09 January 2023 | Salons & Staff

Laura’s Review of Hair Solved Glasgow

25 October 2022 | hair loss

Say ‘hello’ to Laura

04 October 2022 | Salons & Staff

Meet our Stylist Rachael

10 August 2022 | Salons & Staff

Introducing Charlotte at Hair Solved Manchester

03 August 2022 | Salons & Staff

We love introducing you to our Hair Solved team

21 June 2022 | Salons & Staff

My name is Caroline and I'd like to share my personal experience of living with Trich.

29 March 2022 | hair loss

Dionne’s week at Hair Solved Glasgow

29 January 2022 | Salons & Staff

We know many of you will recognise Dionne, our Assistant Salon Manager at Hair Solved Manchester. Back in December Dionne, spent a few days at our Glasgow Salon and has kindly taken time to share some of her experiences of the salon and Glasgow at Christmas.   It was a […]

Meet Katharine at Hair Solved London

12 January 2022 | Salons & Staff

Being able to help women going through emotional and difficult times is really important to Katharine and one of the things she cherishes most about her role at Hair Solved London. Katharine joined Hair Solved London at the end of March 2021 as she recalls… “We had to wear full […]

R is for Restoration

02 November 2021 | Client Stories

My name is Emily Hamilton. I am a Trans Woman navigating gender transition in my 40s.  Being Trans is just one aspect of my personality. I am a parent, a senior manager in my workplace and an advocate for Mental Health. This blog for me is super vulnerable as I’m […]

Breast Cancer at 34

19 October 2021 | Client Stories

My breast cancer story. I first noticed a lump in my breast in October last year. I’ve always described my breasts as a bit “lumpy” much to my friends amusement, so I didn’t think too much of it. Afterall, I thought, breast cancer at 34 is quite rare. However, by […]

COVID and hair loss

12 October 2021 | hair loss

The impact of Covid-19 and the ongoing pandemic on hair loss. There have been many reports in the press over recent months about people experiencing hair loss after contracting Covid-19.  Our team of hair loss experts wanted to share their thoughts on Covid related hair loss and stress. We have […]

Coping with Alopecia Areata

31 March 2021 | hair loss

Coping with Alopecia Areata and coming to terms with hair loss. Many of you will have read Fiona’s amazing story on our website, if not you can read it here Fiona’s Story, and learn about her experience of coping with hair loss caused by Alopecia Areata. Her inspiring story of […]

Jenna’s move to Scotland

08 March 2021 | Salons & Staff

Last year Jenna made the move from London to Scotland.   Here she tells us about her new life after leaving Hair Solved London and relocating to Edinburgh. And most importantly doing what she loves at our busy Glasgow Salon. Many of you will recognise Jenna as Salon Manager from […]