Meet our Stylist Rachael

Meet Rachael our Stylist at Hair Solved Manchester

Being a Stylist at Hair Solved is the perfect role for Rachael.

After working in retail for several years Rachael decided to train as a hairdresser. A desire to expand her hairdressing skills brought her to Hair Solved and we are thrilled she was able to take some time to tell us a little more about herself and what she likes most about her role at the Manchester Salon.

After our highly skilled technicians have created a client’s Enhancer System, Rachael’s styling skills really showcase how beautiful and natural the system is. That’s why we are so thrilled that you can meet our Stylist Rachael here in our quickfire Q&A.

When did you join the Hair Solved Manchester Team and how did you come across the role?

I joined the Hair Solved team in November 2021. I applied for the role online via Indeed. Then after applying I did some research into the company to find out more about the company and their mesh integration system.

What did you do before?

Before I started working at Hair Solved, I trained in women’s hairdressing and completed my Level 2 qualification. However, before I did my training and joined Hair Solved I had worked in retail for 9 years.

What attracted you to Hair Solved as an employer? Did you have an interest in hair loss solutions?

I wanted to gain experience in the hair industry and saw the job advertised. I was immediately interested as this is more than normal hairdressing. It helps women find confidence and I really like what the company does. The team were so welcoming.

Rachael working closely with another female member of the team colouring a clients hair

How important is your relationship with the rest of the team and what do you love about Hair Solved?

The relationship with the rest of the team is very important. You need to be able to work well together and communicate in order to meet the clients needs.

The team help me understand more about hair loss and the Enhancer Systems we create.

I enjoy being part of the team and when clients feel good about the service we provide they always give good feedback and compliments.

This makes me feel happy and confident in what I do.

Rachael carefully colouring the hair of a female client as part of her stylists role

Is it difficult to explain what you do at Hair Solved given it isn’t a typical salon?

Sometimes people don’t understand that we are a salon for hair loss or what the Enhancer System is, so I do have to explain what a mesh integration system is. But that is easy because I love my job.

Do customers get emotional talking about hair loss and do you feel you help them?

They do, but it is important to be understanding and to reassure them. Some of our clients have health problems so it is nice to be there for them. It is so important to us that the clients can share their hair loss journey and feel comfortable around you. Yes, I really do feel like I help them, the job is very rewarding, styling the system, and making them feel good always feels fulfilling.

Rachael on the emotional subject of hair loss. "It is important to be understanding and to reassure clients."

How do clients react to their new hair?

They love it, it makes my job worth so worthwhile.

Will you continue to develop your skills, for example learning to create systems?

I would like to practice more design work in the future and the senior team are always so supportive about us learning and developing our skills with training.

What do you like to do to relax?

I love to spend time with my daughter as well as doing hair for my friends and family. I also enjoy cooking and shopping!

Thank you Rachael!

To find out more about the Enhancer System you can read all about it here.

Or if like Rachael you have a passion for hairdressing and helping women with hair loss, why not visit our Recruitment Page where you can find out about any current vacancies.

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