Introducing Charlotte at Hair Solved Manchester

Charlotte member of the team at Hair Solved Manchester salon

Meet the Team; Charlotte at Hair Solved Manchester

Like everyone who works for Hair Solved being able to help women going through an emotional and difficult time because of hair loss is so important to Charlotte.

It is something that she really cherishes about her role at Hair Solved Manchester.

We were thrilled when she managed to find time between clients to do a fabulous ‘5 Minute Interview’.

It is such a pleasure to have another “Meet the Team” feature to share with you all.

It is a complete pleasure to be able to introduce you to members of the team and help you get to know them a little better.

"My favourite part of my work is creating beautiful hair for people that suffer from hair loss."
Meet the team and see Charlotte preparing to sew a hair system which is one of her favourites aspects of her role at hair Solved

How long have you worked at Hair Solved? Has your role changed over the years?

I have worked for Hair Solved for 9 years starting in May 2013. My role has changed over the years from covering as Salon Manager whilst a colleague was on maternity leave to moving to Newcastle for 6 months to manage the salon there.

What did you do before?

After I left school, I worked in a hair salon where I had an apprenticeship then I joined Hair Solved where I was able to complete my apprenticeship.

I quickly realised that I loved to do the designing and making of the hair systems and especially the sewing and adjustments.

Meet the Team and see Charlotte and Rachael working together to create a beautiful Enhancer System for a Hair Solved Client

How important is the relationship you have with the rest of the team?

The team I work with are more like a family. They are always there with advice and support when I need them. It makes it such a special place to work.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hair Solved?

My favourite part of my work is creating beautiful hair for people that suffer from hair loss. I completely believe that we change people’s lives daily – in fact clients tell us this all the time. Seeing how happy we make people is the best feeling. I also like the opportunity to do training as I will always develop my skills where possible.

How important is the relationship you have with clients?

My relationship with clients is so important to me. I have known many of the people for almost a decade and although I have known some of them for less time there is still a strong bond. We spend time with each other at their monthly appointments and so bonds are formed quickly.

Do you find it difficult to explain to friends and family what your job is?

I do find it quite easy to explain what my job is, but I don’t think anyone would quite understand it without seeing the system or experiencing it.

Do you find that customers get emotional when you talk to them about hair loss?

Oh yes. Hair loss is such a devastating thing and clients do get emotional. That is why it is so fulfilling because I feel like I help them. I listen to them and give them advice and sometimes I am just there to support them.

How do clients react to their new hair?

Most of the time clients are absolutely over the moon with the results because it gives them their confidence back. There are times when it can be quite overwhelming when a client sees themselves with a full head of hair, especially after something like chemotherapy. But we are always there to support them, and It really is wonderful to see them regain their confidence too.

"Hair loss is such a devastating thing, that is why it is so fulfilling because I feel like I help them"

What do you like to do to relax?

I like to read and listen to music when I have time but most of all I like to spend time with my 18-month-old son.

Did you notice any changes to your hair during and after pregnancy?

I did and I felt my hair was breaking in places after pregnancy.

What was it like coming back to work after maternity leave?

It was quite daunting at first. I was very nervous to leave Callum, but I did miss working and I really did miss my colleagues and clients. But honestly after the first day I felt like I had never been away.

Thank you Charlotte.

We are always so grateful when the team take time to do these interviews as we want everyone to know how passionate we are about what we do. If you’d like to know more about a career with Hair Solved you can visit our helpful recruitment page here, which lists all current vacancies.

Or if you’d like to know more about the Enhancer System and our Manchester Salon read more here.

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