Mima’s hair loss story.

female client natural short hair example of Enhancer System

My hair loss is related to my thyroid condition. I have an under active thyroid and have had the condition for 35 years. However my hair started thinning really, really badly during the past 15 years. More recently it became very distressing, I just couldn’t style it any way to disguise the thinning. Even my hairdresser who had always been able to work with it and comb it over could no longer disguise the extent of the hair loss.

I was sure people were looking at me.

I didn’t feel confident. To be honest I lost my confidence about going out because I was sure that people were looking at me. Thinking “what’s wrong with her”, “could she not do anything about it, could she not get a wig”. This is what I kept thinking but perhaps it didn’t bother other people as much as it bothered me. It feels like there is still a stigma associated with female hair loss. I am sure that most women find it a distressing if their hair starts to thin or fall out.

Starting to feel jealousClient with thyroid related hair loss

I got to the point where I was jealous of anybody who had a good head of hair. It is an awful thing to say. I’d go to the hairdresser once a week and they has always been very good and very patient with my thinning hair. But when other women where coming in with lovely, long thick hair and it was being blow dried and fabulous I was jealous.

Eventually I had a wedding to attend and that’s what really made me decide I would have to do something about it. It was by chance that I came across Hair Solved. A friend had commented on how lovely someone’s hair was and she explained that she had been to Hair Solved. So I decided to find out more about them.

At the same time my hairdresser was still trying to do her best with my hair. But it got to the point where I said to her “look I am going to go and get this system”. She said “my only advice if you are going to go anywhere is to go somewhere that is reputable and a big company” and that is what I did.

There are other places, but they were doing it along with hairdressing. For me I had to go to a company that specialised in female hair loss.

It soon became clear the Enhancer System was the perfect solution for me.

I had always enjoyed styling my hair, even though it was always short I loved trying different styles and colours. So when it started to go so thin that I couldn’t do anything with it was so horrendous, really horrendous. Knowing I wanted to have a system I still didn’t know if would be possible to have short hair.

When I had my consultation you can’t imagine how pleased I was to be told I could have the hair style that I am used to. And from that point I knew this was the solution for me.

The whole experience of having my system fitted was lovely. I hadn’t been able to imagine what it would actually be like even though I had seen some photos but it wasn’t painful or traumatic. It was actually the complete opposite of this and was a very nice experience from the beginning of the process to seeing the beautiful end result.

I sometimes forget I have the Enhancer System

There are so many things I love about the system. The back of my own hair wasn’t thinning and the hair loss was on top and at the sides so I can actually put my hand to the back of my head and feel my own hair. It feels so natural I am inclined to forget that it is there because I don’t feel it on, and I really do forget about it.

Then people say, “I love your hair” and I am surprised! It is now possible to forget that I struggled with my thyroid condition and the related hair loss for so long.

People have been very diplomatic and said “I love your hair”. Then I explain that I have the Enhancer System. And they say “but Mima we knew that your hair had gone so thin it had to be something but it is just so, so natural”.

I can’t recommend the team and the system enough!

The girls are just lovely and so kind and understanding. So much so that I tell everyone about Hair Solved and spread the word. I even tell people to go on Facebook or go to the website.

I am proud to have this system. And I am not embarrassed about it because it just looks and feels so natural. Although I will always have hair loss that is related to my thyroid condition I feel I have the hair I wanted.

There are many conditions that lead to hair loss. We are so grateful to Mima, for sharing her experience and being so honest and open.

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You can find helpful advice from the British Thyroid Foundation website

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