Hair loss – an issue we shouldn’t be ashamed of!

Woman with long hair not ashamed of hair lossHair loss is more common than you think.

Hair Loss is an issue we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Eight million women in the UK suffer from hair loss, so it is fair to say none of us are immune to it. Stress, genetic disorders, pregnancy and the menopause to non-stop hair style changes and busy lives can lead to hair loss.

We are all susceptible to the factors that contribute to hair loss and we can all be affected by it.

There are many stories of celebrities who are experiencing hair loss. Victoria and David Beckham and Jada Pinkett Smith have all talked publicly about their personal experience of thinning hair.

It may be the constant pressure to look perfect is taking its toll on their hair. Celebrities need to look good and that comes at a price. Their hair being constantly styled with hair sprays, chemical dyes and heat can lead to significant hair loss and damage.

Sharing hair thinning experiences.

Some celebrities have been brave enough to share that their hair loss is related to age and the menopause and their experience is very similar to many Hair Solved clients.

Nadia Sawalha, from Loose Women shared an emotional video about her hair loss saying her hair had been her crowning glory, but she has now lost about a third of her hair since starting to go through the Peri-menopause. She echoed the very words of so many of our clients when she said, “as women we feel de-feminised”.

Andrea McLean, her colleague on Loose Women, also confessed that her hair had started thinning in her early 40’s. She explained that she used sprays and make-up to cover this hair loss. Andrea said  ‘It makes you feel less womanly, and I decided that I won’t take it lying down!’ She now wears extensions to enhance her thinning hair.

The stigma of female hair loss.

At Hair Solved our clients often tell us they feel there is a real stigma attached to female hair loss and they feel ashamed and less feminine. They tell us that it is a difficult topic to discuss with friends and family. So it is important when celebrities share their stories to raise awareness of what a common issue it is for women.

If you are worried about hair loss, then why not read about some of our clients’ experiences or contact one of our trained hair loss specialists. You can talk to our team to arrange  a discreet and completely free consultation

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