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Rachel with her ha;f white and half black hair system

“It may sound a bit odd, but when I got my cancer diagnosis one of my first worries was losing my hair.”

Rachel, age 38

For Rachel and many other women, hair isn’t just a physical feature; a projection of how they want to be seen. It’s a big part of who they are as people.

So, when Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022, the thought of losing her hair was one of her biggest fears. However, soon after beginning chemotherapy, those fears were eclipsed by a life-threatening medical emergency. After having a very rare reaction to chemotherapy, she went into respiratory failure.

“I ended up in a coma and on life-support in intensive care for a couple of weeks. When I came home, I had to re-learn how to walk and feed myself again.”

While she focussed on her recovery and regaining her strength at home, hair loss was the last thing on her mind. Although, there was one important event in the calendar that she definitely wanted to look and feel like herself for. Her wedding.

“I had already lost a lot of hair, so I decided to shave my head completely the day before my wedding. Thankfully the hairdresser did an amazing job, so on my photos you really can’t tell I’m wearing a wig.”

Over the next few months, Rachel focussed on the battle to beat cancer. She needed two operations, the second of which was a left full mastectomy. She also underwent a gruelling course of radiotherapy.

Cancer had a huge physical and emotional impact on Rachel.

Yet just over a year after her diagnosis, she received the amazing news that the cancer was in complete remission and she was given the all clear. Rachel compares the experience to surviving a storm…

“It’s like a hurricane comes and destroys your home. During the hurricane you are just trying to make sure that you are safe. Then the storm passes, you turn around and you look at what you are left with. Then you have to rebuild.”

For Rachel, having her hair back was a massive part of the rebuilding process. It was one part of her recovery that she could take full control of. She didn’t want to wait for her own hair to grow again. She wanted to feel like herself as soon as possible. And she knew exactly who could help her.

Hair loss had been one of Rachel’s first concerns when she received her diagnosis, so she had started following people in the breast cancer community on social media.

I wanted to know how others coped with their hair loss. When I was searching hashtags on Instagram for ‘hair loss’ I came across Hair Solved and the system. I started following Hair Solved before I even started treatment, but I didn’t contact them until I had finished treatment.”

Soon after having her bespoke Enhancer System fitted at Hair Solved, Rachel and her husband went on the honeymoon they had postponed due to cancer treatment. For Rachel, having her Hair Solved system made the holiday more relaxing, more enjoyable and more special.

“I went in the pool when I was on holiday, which I probably wouldn’t have done if I had to take a wig off.and practically I find the system is a lot cooler than a wig and the parting is breathable. I used to get so hot in my wig, but the system is breathable and doesn’t get too hot.”

Having hair that looks and feels natural hasn’t just changed the way Rachel looks, it has transformed the way she feels.

“When you have been out for a nice meal and you get in, it isn’t very romantic to take your wig off. When I had a wig and I took it off at the end of the day, it felt like it was taking a layer of confidence off too. Having gone through my mastectomy, I am still not completely comfortable with my body. Having hair again feels really nice, because it’s a familiar part of me that I have back – and that gives me a lot of confidence.”

My husband cried when he first saw my new hair. He said it felt like he’d got the old me back.”

We are so grateful to Rachel for sharing her story, we know this will be a great source of help and inspiration to other women looking for a more bespoke solution to hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

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