Sue with her dark bob enhancer system

“People don’t know that it’s not my real hair.”

Sue, age 73

How the Enhancer System has not only given Sue hair she loves, but it’s opening doors for her too.

Sue has been a Hair Solved client for over ten years and loves the difference her bespoke hair system has made to her life. She’s happier and far more confident, but what’s more she knows it is opening doors for her that would otherwise have been firmly closed.

In 2022, Sue landed an acting role in a high-profile TV advert for a well-known airline. Knowing from experience how superficial the advertising world is, Sue is sure she wouldn’t have been offered the part without her Hair Solved system.

“I wouldn’t have got the advert with my old, thin hair. I wouldn’t have been considered and I know that. The world of advertising is very superficial, and they only want people who look good.”

It was wonderful for Sue to eventually receive a “yes” after hearing the word “no” so many times. She wasn’t always given a reason for being turned down, but on some occasions casting directors would be brutally honest.

“I remember being up for a big part in a TV series and they said, “we can’t have you because of your hair”.

Finding acting work wasn’t Sue’s only motivation for becoming a Hair Solved client. Like many women with hair loss, she experienced the lingering stares of others and was even ridiculed and bullied because of how she looked. “Hair loss is something people can always use against you. It really affects your confidence.”

A few years ago, when she was working as a supply teacher, she recalls being “harassed and threatened by children”. But what Sue hated more than anything was how disrespectful people could be. “At one point I was acting in a show and when I walked on stage someone took a picture of the back of my head where my hair was particularly thin. I just thought it was really insulting.”

Thankfully, all that is in the past for Sue. Today, she’s enjoying the difference her bespoke hair solution has made to her life – and the way she’s treated by other people.

“People treat you completely differently if you look like you have hair. They treat you with a lot more respect. I’m not being judged on my hair; I’m being judged as a human being.”

Sue also loves how easy her short bob is to style and care for. “It’s pretty easy, I just brush it. If I’ve fallen asleep with it slightly wet, I need to straighten it in the morning. But apart from that it’s easy to care for – very easy. The hair system has made a tremendous difference to my life. I wouldn’t be without it now.”

The Enhancer System

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Photo courtesy of © Kate McDonald Photography.

We are so grateful to Kate McDonald and to our client Sue Frumin for allowing us to use this fabulous photo.




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