Smiling client Enhancer System with full fringe

“I love having my system done, the whole process makes me feel confident.”

Rebekah, age 33

‘Trichotillomania affected me completely’


I started to pull my hair when I was eleven. I did overcome it during some of my teenage years but then when I was nineteen or twenty, I started again, and it has been continuous from then.

It affected my daily school life. I would always make up daft excuses not to go swimming or do PE outside if it was raining. I would lie and fabricate things because I was so self-conscious. I loved to dance and took part in many competitions, but it was a very self-conscious time especially having Trichotillomania. It didn’t stop me from dancing, but it was always in the forefront of my mind, can people see it!

Just every normal mundane thing that people do, as a “Trich” sufferer I had to constantly think can I do this and things like swimming were a no go and even certain hairstyles just weren’t possible. It really did affect me and made me very self-conscious growing up. Trichotillomania takes over your life and affected me completely.

‘I felt that it transformed my confidence levels dramatically.’

I had zero confidence as a teenager. Growing up I was a very, very shy person. For a long time, my friends didn’t know about my hair pulling as I hid it very well, but It got to the point where when I was nineteen my close friends did notice and questioned me about it, so I told them the truth. I often felt embarrassed to tell people about Trich because it is one of the hardest things to explain to people; why would you pull your hair out. It is literally one of life’s great mysteries, but I was lucky, and my close friends were very understanding.

A friend told me about Hair Solved and after researching them online I booked in for a consultation. From the fitting of my first system I felt that it transformed my confidence levels dramatically.

‘I felt like a model when I had my first Enhancer System.’

It was amazing but still to this day when people compliment me on my hair it is a little bit surreal, but it transformed my confidence levels dramatically. I don’t like to use the word normal, because I don’t believe there is such a thing as normal, but the system gave me that confidence to walk down the street and not feel that everyone was staring at me.

‘I love having my system done, the whole process makes me feel confident.’

I used to feel a little bit jealous of certain friends because they would go to the hair salon locally to get their hair done and that was something that I could never, ever do. I felt slightly inadequate. People take for granted going to the hairdresser, I would be a little bit jealous sometimes and think why me? But having the system means you get back that little bit of femininity.

So being able to go to the Manchester Salon to get my hair done is so enjoyable. I love the process and the girls at the Salon don’t make you feel out of place because of your condition. They just take it in their stride. The whole process makes me feel confident even to the point that I don’t need to go in a private room to get my hair done. I am happy to be in the main Salon with the girls because they make you feel at home and at ease with everything. That is a really big plus for me. All the girls are so professional, and they all do a really wonderful job.

‘Having the system has literally changed my life for the better.’

I’ve been a Hair Solved client for over ten years. During that time, I have gone from having it really, really long, because my own hair was long. I have even had a bob and I have gone back to being long again, the system is so flexible I can vary my style. To me having the system is my normal. As much as we try and get away from the image conscious world, we live in I think the stereotypical notion that women with long hair are beautiful is inevitable. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. We try and tell ourselves it is what is inside that matters, but I think there is a real stigma associated with female hair loss. Image is important in my job, I love to be able to roll out of bed and just go and the system gives me the confidence to do that!

It hasn’t cured Trich and I am probably always going to have it but in terms of having the Enhancer System it has literally changed my life for the better.

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