Denny in the Hair Solved salon she loves

“I knew the devastating effects of hair loss and how my hair system had changed my life. I wanted more women to have the same experience.”

Denny, age 74

In 2007, Denny travelled from Manchester to a hair loss solutions salon in London. It was a trip that changed her life. It was also where she met Hair Solved co-founder, Lucas Soyka.

After having her first child in her 20s, Denny noticed her hair was thinning. “I just noticed a little hair in the sink. I had quite a thick head of hair, but baldness ran in my family, and not just in the men. My aunts all wore wigs.”

During her 30s, Denny became increasingly aware of a pattern to her hair loss. Every time she experienced trauma in her life, including one particularly devastating experience, she noticed more and more hair loss. “I started to notice that with every little trauma I was losing hair.”

“I had another child; I lost hair. I broke my ankle; I lost hair. My first husband had a car accident; I lost hair. He then passed away; I lost hair.”

By the time she was in her 40s, Denny’s hair loss had become far more noticeable. As someone who took pride in her appearance, she naturally wanted to do something about it.

For a few years she used a spray on product to disguise the areas where she was thinning, but over time this became less and less effective. So, on a friend’s suggestion, she made an appointment at a hair loss solutions salon in London. It was a revelation.

“Well, I was beside myself, I could feel it around my neck, feel it around my face, I had a lovely fringe. I could put it up, I could wear it in a ponytail, I could go swimming and I could go to any hairdressers. It was so brilliant.”

At the time, having a bespoke hair solution like Denny’s could mean several expensive trips to London, something which she knew many women struggling with hair loss simply couldn’t afford.

Denny understood how devastating hair loss can be and how it can affect every aspect of someone’s life. Her new hair system had changed her life, and she wanted more women to have the same experience.

This all happened at the same time that Denny and her second husband, Laurence, were looking for an exciting new business venture. They began talking about the idea of opening a hair loss salon in Manchester. Neither of them knew anything about the technicalities behind bespoke hair systems. But Denny knew someone who did.

During her visits to the salon in London, Denny had got to know a young consultant called Lucas. He’d recently developed a bespoke hair loss solution which he called the ‘Enhancer System’ and was looking to bring it to market.

So, Denny invited Lucas for a meeting with her husband. Lucas later said that they had the most integrity and were the most honest and genuine people he’d met in his search and the rest, as they say, is history.

“It all started with a small salon in Manchester and now it’s wonderful to see Hair Solved salons in Bristol, Glasgow and London too.”

Denny was the very first client at our band new Manchester salon, and she has remained a client ever since. She also became a passionate advocate for Hair Solved, spreading the word at every opportunity and inspiring more women to try our bespoke hair solutions.

Now the UK’s leading female hair loss specialists, Hair Solved has provided natural, beautiful, and permanent hair loss solutions for thousands of women with all types of hair loss.

Denny is very proud of the role she played in our creation and growth and over the years, she has got to know many of the women who feel more confident, more beautiful and more like themselves again – as a result of a bespoke Hair Solved system.

Many of these women experienced hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Denny recalls seeing them coming into the Hair Solved salon with complete hair loss, and leaving with a complete head of hair and a beaming smile.

Sadly, four years ago, Denny received her own cancer diagnosis, but has only experienced further hair loss since her most recent treatment. Hair Solved Director, Natalie, was there to help Denny adapt her hair to our total hair loss system.

“Natalie shaved the few remaining clumps of hair I had left.  She altered my system, putting it on with double sided surgical tape and has done a fantastic job! The system is so secure it hasn’t even crossed my mind to be honest. It is like your own hair… it is unbelievable. People say to me, ‘you look fabulous, you’d never know.”

We are so grateful to Denny for sharing her story but more than that, we are grateful that she spotted such a wonderful opportunity to create Hair Solved and share her transformation with so many others.

There is no doubt that thousands of women are happy and confident with their beautiful hair thanks to her vision and drive. Thank you, Denny.

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