we dont just transform women's hair loss we change lives Sophie's story

Sophie with her new system

“I don’t feel like two different people anymore. I just feel like me.”

Sophie, age 24

Before discovering Hair Solved, long-term Alopecia sufferer, Sophie, wore a wig. There were some practical problems which most wig wearers will identify with, but the biggest issue was how it made her feel.

“I felt like two different people – one person when I had it on, and someone completely different when I took it off at the end of the day. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to see me like that out in public.”

Sophie was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at the age of nine. For a few years, her bald patches were relatively small and easier to disguise. But when she got into her late teens, she couldn’t hide it anymore.

“It started getting worse. Hair started coming out all over my head and my eyebrows fell out. I ended up just shaving my head for charity when that happened the first time. I had just finished school.”

As a young woman studying nursing at university, Sophie naturally wanted to fit in and feel confident. So, she wore a wig because it seemed like the only practical solution to her Alopecia. However, there were a few practical downsides.

“I was studying nursing and you have to wear your hair up when you are on placements in hospitals. The problem was, I simply couldn’t do that with a wig.”

Even when her ward manager gave her approval to wear her wig, nurses or doctors from other wards would still ask her awkward questions about why she didn’t have her hair up. Sophie was passionate about becoming a nurse, but she found it very stressful every time she started a new hospital placement and had to explain her situation all over again.

As well as wigs, Sophie has tried steroid injections and DCP treatment, neither of which have worked for her in the long-term.

“The DCP treatment worked initially, but then my hair fell out again. There can be quite a few nasty side effects too.” Sophie’s search for a permanent solution to her hair loss eventually led her to Hair Solved.

“My hair had started to fall out even more and I didn’t want to go back to wigs. So, I had a look online and a couple of my colleagues had also mentioned Hair Solved.”

A few months on, Sophie is enjoying life with her bespoke Enhancer System. She loves the natural look and feel of it, but most of all she loves the flexibility it gives her. She can style it for a night out, or tie it up in a bun at work.

“I’m so glad that I’ve found something that’s more permanent. I can wash it and style it like it’s my own hair – and I’m not going out constantly worried whether it’s windy and where my hair is going to blow to.”

Having tried several hair loss solutions, and eventually finding one that works for her, Sophie is well placed to share her experiences with other women. These include female patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the hospital where she now works, and she has found their attitude to hair loss both humbling and inspiring.

“Most of the patients are quite accepting of either having hair loss, or trying to find different ways to combat losing their hair. Some women use a cold cap to keep their hair protected. I also know quite a few women who have bought a wig that looks like their own hair before they start treatment. Then, as soon as their hair starts falling out, they can put the wig on and still feel like themselves.

These people have 101 things going on in their lives and are still managing to cope with all of that on top of hair loss. It’s very inspiring.”

“I understand what women mean when they talk about losing their femininity when they lose their hair. My system has definitely given me more confidence going out and about.

I know I don’t need to worry about what my hair is going to look like in the next 5 or 10 years. I have this system and it can be adapted. It gives me peace of mind that if I lose more of my hair it can be dealt with and the same if it grows back.” Sophie

Thank you much to Sophie for sharing her story and her pictures of her system fitting with us. You can see some of her transformation here in our gallery.

We’re often asked what the difference is between our Enhancer System and a wig. Well, the biggest practical difference is that you don’t take it off at night, or before you get in the shower or go swimming. You can treat your hair system as you would your normal hair. In fact, women often tell us that their system soon feels like part of them and they actually forget it’s not their real hair!

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