Joanna, with system for hair loss from Alopecia

“Having the system on makes me feel like myself again. It’s changed my life!”

Joanna, age 35

Hair loss from Alopecia Areata (AA) can be sudden, making it a particularly devastating condition. In that respect Joanna was relatively lucky. For a couple of years she was able to cover her bald patches with her other hair and it would then regrow. However, the condition progressed until it became impossible for her to cover up her alopecia.

“I was losing more and more hair, together with my confidence, social life and very often my smile.”

“Everyday life became more and more difficult. For quite a while I couldn’t even go out shopping as I felt so paranoid that someone would notice my bald patches. I tried a wig before finding out about Hair Solved, but that didn’t work for me. I was in my twenties and a wig felt unnatural and made me self-conscious.”

Joanna searched the internet desperately looking for a solution to her alopecia and after reading about Hair Solved’s innovative Enhancer System, she booked a free consultation. She was able to talk to our hair loss consultant about the system and ask lots of questions before booking her fitting.

“I remember the day when I had the system fitted. Everyone in the salon made me so welcome and comfortable. Having a full head of natural and soft hair made me feel happy straight away. I felt beautiful and myself again.”

“The system feels and looks very natural. Most people can’t notice it, which is a big plus for someone so paranoid about their hair like me.” Joanna’s story highlights the devastating impact that hair loss can have on a woman’s life – and also the transformation that can take place when they discover Hair Solved.

“Having the Enhancer System has made me feel like myself again. I still have AA, but it’s so easy to forget about it. Not thinking about alopecia every day has made me less stressed and more relaxed. I am a happy, outgoing person once again.”

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