A very happy Fiona with lovely long new hair

“When I began losing my hair, I was losing everything else: my confidence, my femininity and my love for myself. Hair Solved changed all of that.”

Fiona, age 34

My Alopecia Areata journey started 5 years ago.


I first experienced hair loss 5 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, the patches that I had were quite minimal, so I used to cover them with make-up products. This one little pot of hair powder (which matched my natural dark brown hair roots) became my saviour. I even remember a moment when a colleague, whom I had confided in, touched up some areas behind my ear and around my hairline where some patches had become visible. It is a very heart-warming memory: I am forever grateful to my colleague and friend for having done that for me. This little strategy worked well for me up until I entered my 6th month of maternity leave with my second son, it was around March/April 2020 and I had lost approximately 40% of my hair. At this point, my little pot of magic powder was not enough.

My mental health was at an all-time low.

Lockdown had begun. There was nobody to go to, speak to or confide in and my mental health was at an all-time low. I was prescribed steroid treatment and due to my eczema, which had possible links to my alopecia, a rigorous cleansing and moisturising routine. My hair was in a constant ‘top knot’ to conceal the ever-increasing hair loss. I followed this for 6 weeks with no results. In fact, my hair loss was worsening.

My mum felt I had reached the point where I would need some form of hairpiece or wig. I went on my phone and clicked on Amazon. There they were: a whole host of ‘luxurious’ blonde/brown ombre wigs, all within a reasonable budget. I clicked ‘buy now’ on the first wig that seemed like me. How did I feel? Honestly? Excited! For the first time in months, I may get to experience what it felt like to have a normal head full of hair. I remember the day it arrived I ran into my bathroom and shoved it on. I have to admit, it wasn’t bad for a budget wig. I came into the living room and my baby boy, Oisin, started crying. It wasn’t me – it didn’t look like me. He knew that and I knew that. I asked my older son, what he thought. He said, “I like it when your hair is up mummy”.

I had started back at work following maternity leave in June 2020. I braved the wig as I had no other choice. I received comments such as: “Your hair looks really different, have you had it done?” But I could see their face, their eyes, their reaction. The hair wasn’t me.

The search for a better hair loss solution began.

I recall lying in my bed one evening, sick with depression and anxiety. My ever understanding and loving husband was looking after the children once again whilst I lay in a heap of self-pity. I reached for my phone and began searching for hair solutions near me. That is when I came across Hair Solved. Without looking too much into it, out of desperation, I rang the number.

A male voice answered, and I felt instant relief. He had the most comforting voice as if he knew all my thoughts, all my worries and issues. I found myself booking a consultation appointment for the following day.

I vividly remember my first visit to Hair Solved.

I had my consultation with Natalie who explained in detail what the hair system would entail: she showed me a range of hair colours and constantly referred to the hair system as: “just having more hair!” Fate had it that there was an appointment the following day and I took it. Little did I know that within 24 hours, my life would change.

What I love about going to Hair Solved, is that it is like going to a normal salon. When I go we don’t really discuss Alopecia at all. We just have the best of craic talking about box sets we like, places we like going to, and just life!

When I had my first hair wash, and I got a head massage I thought, “wow” this is like a real hair salon. I said, “You’ve no idea how nice this is.” From someone coming from a home with two children, never having time to even finish a coffee or eat, just having that one little thing was a treat. Just getting my hair blow-dried and chatting, I felt like a million bucks.

I felt like me again.

I have actually had a lot of hair growth since my hair system was put in. I can always tell when I am having a little bit of hair growth because my scalp becomes a little bit itchy and you can sort of ‘feel’ it. When I went in for my realignment, I asked if I could just have a look and I couldn’t believe the amount of hair growth that I had. I realise it could have just been my natural cycle of regrowth however, I truly believe that it was largely due to not waking up every morning and seeing this big patchy head that caused the ongoing stress and worry. I began to look at myself and felt like me again, I felt brilliant.

The system has helped me regain my confidence.

I cannot stress that enough I remember crying on the way home (happy tears!)  because after a matter of hours, I was just like me again. I almost felt like a better version of myself because the hair system is nicer than my ‘bio’ hair is. I was just absolutely over the moon. I didn’t have to worry about this problem anymore… it is taken care of… it is done. It was like someone had waved a magic wand and it was all taken away: the pain, the hurt, the fear… everything.

I am starting to get my old self back.

My friend and I went to a restaurant in Manchester. I had a lovely night out, and I felt really, really good. I feel uncomfortable saying that I looked good, but I felt good, and I felt I looked good! Usually, even before the hair loss, it would have taken me an age to do my own hair and it never quite sat right. But with the hair system, all I had to do was brush it through, put a little curl in it and it’s done; literally a ten-minute job. I don’t have to worry about my hair because I know it is going to look good. I am starting to get my old self back, My husband is my rock, and we have such a solid, loving relationship. In addition, I am learning to love myself just as my children and husband do.

To keep up to date with Fiona’s Alopecia Areata journey you can follow her inspiring Instagram account @life.in.patches

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