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Supporting the AUK Big Weekend 2019

When I heard that the AUK Big Weekend 2019 was going to be held in Bristol this year I just couldn’t wait to get involved and was particularly keen that Hair Solved would have some active involvement with this wonderful event. You can imagine how proud I am that Hair Solved are the Silver Sponsor of

My Cancer Story – by Louise Reid

A cancer diagnosis is a devastating thing to happen to anyone and cancer treatment can be just as daunting – especially the side effect of losing your hair. My name is Louise Reid and I decided to share my personal story to help other women worrying about hair loss caused by chemotherapy. I got married

My pregnancy hair loss

At Hair Solved we believe that we understand hair loss in all its forms, not just because of our many years of experience working with women of all ages and with all hair loss conditions, but because many of our team have very personal experiences of the conditions we frequently see in our Salons. Our

Why I’m not tearing my hair out

Trichotillomania, or trich for short, is a hard condition to understand. After all, who’d want to pull their own hair out and make themselves look like that? What makes it an even harder condition to understand is the fact that it mostly affects women and young girls, for whom hair and appearance is generally a

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is one of the most common causes of hair loss in the UK, with studies suggesting it affects 1 in every 100 people. It is also the most common condition we see among women booking a consultation with us. In our recent Hair Solved Customer Survey, 27% of participants identified with having some

Cancer treatment and hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most well known side effects of cancer treatment. The extent of a patient’s hair loss can range from mild thinning, or patches to total hair loss. Chemotherapy is the treatment most likely to cause hair loss, but some other cancer drugs can also result in the hair thinning. It

Can I wash the enhancer system?

The simple answer is yes! As Agnes a client at our Glasgow Salon said, “You can sleep in it, you can shampoo and condition it and you can blow dry it. Without this system I don’t know what I would have done.” In fact, if you have an Enhancer System or extensions, it is really

Product Review: Goldwell

Here at Hair solved, working with extensions it is essential to us that any products we use keep the hair extensions looking their best at all times, and even more importantly, any products we use must make washing easy and manageable for our Clients. We recommend that when shampooing their extensions or Enhancer System, all

Where Can you find us?

Hair Solved tries to be accessible to everyone who suffer from hair loss, no matter where they live and what was the cause of their hair thinning issues. That is why our esteemed Enhancer solution was designed – to conform to all your needs without needless risk. That is also why we try our best

Hair loss – an issue we shouldn’t be ashamed of!

With over eight million women in the UK suffering from hair loss, it is fair to say none of us are immune to it. From stress, genetic disorders, pregnancy and the menopause to non-stop hair style changes and busy lives, we are all susceptible to factors that contribute to hair loss and we can all

You’ve spoken …… and we’ve listened

We’re all a bit sceptical of surveys aren’t we? Do the companies who ask for our opinions actually listen? Or take action as a result of what we have to say Well… we do. We recently conducted a national survey, to ask our clients about hair loss, how it has affected their lives and what

A new look for Hair Solved!

As the UK’s leading female hair loss specialists, we pride ourselves on giving women the new look they desire. Recently, though, we took a good hard look at ourselves and decided that our website wasn’t reflecting us and the women we help as well as it could. It was time for a change, so we