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Alopecia - a rollercoaster of emotions

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“The system is just a complete godsend!”

Priya, age 34

Since developing Alopecia at the age of 13, Priya’s hair loss journey has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. Patchy hair, no hair, a full head of hair; Priya has been through every stage of hair loss and back again… and tried almost every type of hair loss solution.

When she was 13, bald patches started to appear towards the back of Priya’s head and she soon lost her hair altogether. But at the age of 17, her hair grew back.

“I think I was in year 12, the sixth form – that crucial age where boys start coming into your life,” says Priya. “So that kind of came at the right time and before I knew it I had a thick head of hair again. I loved life, it was back to how it used to be.”

Throughout sixth form and the first year of university, Priya kept her hair, but then it started thinning in patches until a couple of years later, she had lost all her hair again.

Hair loss can be individual and unpredictable. Which is why, at Hair Solved, we offer a range of flexible solutions for all kinds of hair loss.

Priya has been a Hair Solved client since 2009. She was in her final year at university at the time and had been wearing a clip-in, three-quarter wig for the past couple of years to cover bald patches at the back of her head. However, like many wig wearers, she found it uncomfortable and impractical, so she decided to look for alternatives.

“I was looking on the internet for solutions or treatment options and that’s when I came across Hair Solved. I called and arranged a consultation with Sally and she was amazing! She said that because I had existing hair, they could weave that through the system and use hair extensions where the gaps were.”

For a while, Priya enjoyed the benefits of a more permanent, bespoke hair loss solution that she didn’t have to take off before going to bed.

“It was the best solution for me at the time. It was absolutely great and I got used to it very quickly.”

A few months later, Priya noticed that her head was becoming increasingly itchy in the areas where she had existing hair, so she booked another appointment with Sally at Hair Solved. After removing Priya’s system, the cause of the irritation became clear.

“When they removed my system, we could all see what was going on – I literally had no hair left. That’s when I went to a full system. At that time, it was tapes all the way round – and it worked very well for me for six years. Now, advances in technology mean that I’ve got natural hair lines on the front and sides.”

After getting married and moving to London, Priya and her husband decided to start a family. But something surprising happened during the pregnancy – her hair started to regrow.

“I thought, this is great, my hair is growing back! I went to see Sally and she said ‘once you get to the stage where you have enough hair to weave it through, we can go back to your original system’. So that’s what we did, and for about a year it was great, but as soon as I stopped breast feeding, my hair just came out again.”

New or additional hair growth is something some women can experience during pregnancy due to changes in hormone levels. However, for women like Priya with Alopecia, it can create false hope.

“As soon as I stopped breast feeding my hair just fell out again, so I went back to the full system. When I fell pregnant for a second time, I decided not to change back to a weave system again, because I assumed that any hair growth during pregnancy would just disappear after I stopped breast feeding. And I was right.”

That my hair could come back was the best thing ever and not something I expected at all. But the worst thing is having it come back and then go again. Now I never really cling onto hope that it could come back, because I am just content with the way it is. There are times when I feel a little bit sad, but the system is just such a blessing. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Fourteen years after walking through the doors of a Hair Solved salon, Priya continues to enjoy the freedom and confidence that her bespoke system gives her.

“Every single holiday I go on, I make sure I go to the spa. I can jump in the pool and my whole head will go under, but the system stays firmly in place. It doesn’t come off and I never feel uncomfortable.

It is just a complete godsend. The way it is breathable, the way it is so easy to manage, the way you can go back to the salon to have different bits taken off or added on. You know when people who don’t know me compliment my hair, I feel bad because I think oh my god it’s fake!

So, that is my journey with Hair Solved and as time has gone on, the advances in technology have meant I can have a natural hair line and I can style it more how I want it too.

When I see my sisters and they can tie their hair in a big knot bun on the top of their heads, that is probably the one thing I can’t do with this system, because I choose to wear my hair very long. But I always say to Sally, we’ll get there.” she laughs.

We couldn’t agree more and our dedicated salons are constantly looking for new and better production techniques to develop our hair systems to be the best that they can possibly be for our Clients.

A huge thank you to Priya for sharing her hair loss story and as you’ll see from her picture, you can still share your story, even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your image. Your stories are so beneficial and inspiring for other women going through their own hair loss experience to hear, so if you have one, do get in touch.

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Alopecia UK is a small national charity working to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia through aims of Support, Awareness and Research. You can find their website here

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