Smiling Client With Trichotillomania wears Enhancer System while swimming and no longer worries about getting hair wet

“I hardly even think about my hair, just get up in the morning and go. There are so much more important things in life!”

Laura, age 36

“My hair system feels completely normal – it doesn’t even cross my mind most days.”

Laura has had trichotillomania since she was six years old. Throughout her teens and early twenties she was very self-conscious about having patchy hair, but the compulsion to pull her own hair out proved too powerful.

“It’s like someone telling you that you’re never allowed to scratch an itch ever again. You just forget, and you do it and end up feeling cross with yourself and thinking ‘What’s wrong with me?’ all of the time.

“I avoided anything that meant getting my hair wet and remember being petrified of rain because then all my hairspray would come out and you’d see all the spiky bits of my hair – because that’s how it grows back. Or I’d be walking past a bus and thinking the people on the top deck would see that my hair was really thin.

There were lots of things I avoided doing – anyone touching my hair, being around friends who were doing hairstyles and being on edge if people were talking about hair. I even avoided my graduation because I didn’t want to wear the mortar board, which would have meant having to take my hair out of a ponytail.”

Laura was one of our very first clients and has had our Enhancer System for over ten years now. It has proved to be the perfect solution for her. Instead of battling to overcome the urge to pull her hair, she can relax and get on with life.

“Wearing a hair system has made my life more enjoyable. It’s so nice to get up in the morning and go out how you are. I’ve got more confidence and I can focus on things other than hair!”

“It’s human hair so I can straighten it, curl it and do what I want with it, just like you would your own hair. I regularly go swimming now with my one-year-old daughter, but before I wouldn’t have done. My daughter has fair hair, so I might try and match her when I have my next system fitted. I usually go for reds, but that’s all part of the fun really!” People are always saying ‘I love your hair colour, how do you do that?”

Laura finds she only needs a completely new system fitted every three years and has found Hair Solved to be far more reasonable than other solutions.

“The bills from the company I used to go to were horrendous. They charged by the 5 minutes, so it meant that I would even be thinking that I didn’t want to go to the toilet. Hair Solved have been a million times better in that sense… they’ve got different ways you can pay. They definitely try to help people, whereas I think with some other companies it’s more about your money.

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