Client, Jo, Smiling with long dark hair again

“I finally feel normal and can enjoy myself again. I'm looking forward to my wedding later this year and being the beautiful bride I've always dreamed of.”

Jo, age 40

Hair Solved has changed my hair and my life.

Jo has been a client at our Manchester Hair Solved Salon since March 2020. She had struggled with thinning hair for many years and was inspired to visit our team of hair loss experts in Manchester by a close family member.

We are so delighted that she decided to share her hair loss journey to inspire other women looking for a solution to female hair loss.

“I felt so conscious of my thinning hair”

I have never really liked my hair and certainly not since being a teenager.  Over the last twenty years it has gradually got thinner and thinner. So much so that I have struggled to keep any real ‘style’ and it looked limp and lifeless no matter what I did to it.

I felt so conscious of my hair and felt unattractive when I went out.  Although outwardly I was trying to put on a confident persona that wasn’t how I felt inside.

“I don’t really know what caused my hair to become so thin”

I have not been given a diagnosis but have wondered if the hormones from having two children impacted on my hair.

“There were two turning points for me with my hair loss”

The first was my 40th birthday party and there were photos of me everywhere.  It was only looking at them and seeing my hair change throughout the years that I realised how bad it had become. And particularly in the last year or two.

Then came the second turning point. My Mum had recently had a system at Hair Solved.  She looked amazing and she felt it too.

Only a week after my consultation, I took the plunge and could hardly believe I left the Hair Solved Salon with long brown thick hair!

“My hair looks so natural”

Admittedly it was a shock at first and it took a little whilst to get used to.  However, I had compliments from absolutely everybody, which has done a wonder for my ego. Not only does my hair look so natural, but I have been told how attractive I look, and it’s taken years off me!

“The Enhancer System is wonderful I just give it a brush and go!”

I can’t stop playing with it, and certainly can’t walk past a mirror or shop window without looking at myself.  And an added bonus is that I no longer need to wash, and blow dry my hair every day. I just give it a brush and go!

My wedding is planned for July this year and I can’t wait to be the beautiful bride that every little girl dreams of. So, thank you to Hair Solved, I now have amazing hair and I am looking forward to the future.

Jo is a client at Hair Solved Manchester, to find out more about our Manchester Salon and team of hair loss specialists click here

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