Jenna’s move to Scotland

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Last year Jenna made the move from London to Scotland.


Here she tells us about her new life after leaving Hair Solved London and relocating to Edinburgh. And most importantly doing what she loves at our busy Glasgow Salon.

Many of you will recognise Jenna as Salon Manager from our vibrant and bustling Hair Solved Salon in London. Last year she took the huge step of moving to Scotland. She kindly found time to do one of our hugely popular 5 Minute Interviews. Giving you the chance to get to know our dedicated team of hair loss experts even better.

What prompted you to make the move from London to Scotland?

I moved up to Scotland with my boyfriend as he’s studying for a PhD in Edinburgh. I was so pleased that I was able to get a transfer to the Hair Solved Salon in Glasgow.

Is it very different working at the Glasgow Salon after so many years in London?

It’s not too different as the work we do is the same across all the salons. I’m just working with a different group of lovely ladies and clients.

The Glasgow Salon is really new, what is it like to work in?

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A comfortable space for client consultations

The salon is beautiful and in such a gorgeous, spacious building. It’s really great to work somewhere that is so fresh and new and such a welcoming space for clients to come in to.

What is your exciting new role? Do you mainly see clients or are you using your experience to train staff?

I’m a senior technician and trainer. Mainly I’m with the clients creating and maintaining their hair systems. But I also spend time training other staff members and helping them with anything they are unsure of or feel they need extra training on. It means I get to do two things that I am passionate about.

How important is it to you personally to still have the opportunity to work at a Hair Solved Salon?

I’ve been working with Hair Solved for just over 6 years now and have always enjoyed being a part of the Company and part of such a dedicated team. I was so pleased they were very accommodating with my move to Scotland as I was keen to continue to do the job that I love.

Is it challenging working with all the new Health & Safety regulations that the Covid pandemic has necessitated? And what do you find most difficult?

At first, it was quite challenging having to wear all the PPE, such as masks, visors, gloves etc as I wasn’t used to it.
However, over time, it has become easier and almost second nature. However, the one thing I really miss is being able to see the clients faces. I am new to the Glasgow salon and just getting to know all the clients there it would be lovely to see them without masks on!

Have you noticed clients experiencing more hair loss because of the stress caused by the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns and prevalence of Covid-19?

We have had a few clients who have experienced hair loss after contracting covid. I’m not sure if it has been stress-related or a side effect of having the virus. Luckily we are able to remain open as an essential service so that can put the client’s minds at ease knowing they can still come and get their scheduled maintenance done.

Does it still really move you when you see how emotional clients are when they see their hair loss transformed by the system?

Yes, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. You can really see how much it means to them and hopefully, eliminate some of the stress and worry associated with female hair loss, whatever the cause or condition the client is experiencing.

What is it like living in Scotland, people always say the Scots are such friendly people?

I really like it up here, it’s nice to be so close to amazing natural beauty and also have a great city on my doorstep. I’ve noticed the people are friendly and very chatty up here which I like. It’s also much nicer to drive around compared to London! I’m already looking at what’s going to be happening in Edinburgh over the summer. Fingers crossed I will be able to explore even more!

Jenna's new life in Scotland

I love walking around Edinburgh, especially Arthurs Seat!

It must be very difficult when you have Clients that you know need your help with their system, but you are restricted with the services you can offer because of lockdown. How do you feel about that and are there any ways you can help them cope?

It is difficult not being able to offer services such as colour and blow dries as they are deemed “not essential, but for so many of our clients, they are a big part of the service and help to keep their systems looking good. All we can do at the moment is offer advice and product recommendations to help them maintain the style.

If you had to name one thing that you absolutely love about your job, what would it be?

One thing I’ve always loved is how rewarding it is. It’s great to be able to help so many ladies with all different forms of hair loss, from all age groups and walks of life. Knowing that you’re giving someone back their confidence and being there for them during a hard time is amazing.

We are so grateful to Jenna for taking the time to chat with us and give us such an interesting insight into her new life in Scotland. And of course, her new role at Hair Solved Glasgow.

Our Glasgow Salon is located in the vibrant area of Finnieston. Our beautiful building was fully refurbished before we relocated in August 2020.

Find out more about our Glasgow Salon and how to book a consultation.


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Our welcoming reception area at Hair Solved Glasgow

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