Transforming my hair loss and happiness

Female client with thinning hair before and after the fitting of the Enhancer System

“My hair was always the one thing that was holding me back.”

60-year-old Rose is an incredibly strong and determined woman, who has overcome trauma and adversity to be the person she wants to be. Rose’s story as it appears on our website is only part of an inspirational interview, she gave to us, and we’re delighted that she has agreed to share her full story with you.

Please enjoy reading Rose’s interview in full here and do feel free to share it on social media.

For most of her adult life, Rose has been unhappy with the way she has looked. Battles with her weight and feeling self-conscious about her thin, fine hair have affected her confidence and happiness. Being trapped in an abusive relationship also had a massive impact on Rose’s self-esteem.

Her hair loss was triggered by a series of traumatic life events.


Can you tell us about your younger years?

From when I grew up and became a woman, I never felt happy as a woman.   

I never had a thick head of hair. In my family the men all had thick hair and the women didn’t. I had always had fine hair.

But it had never been balding until the assault, the trauma and PTSD and the domestic violence. All of that caused it to thin and then my hair stayed thin, it just never recovered.

Every trauma made it worse.

Do you mind telling us more about the traumas that escalated your hair loss?

My hair was always thin during my time in the police force. I recall going into shops and being hot and bothered. I would take the hat off and my hair would just be stuck to my head. I would try to pull the hair and fluff it up to make it look better. But it just looked awful.

My colleague used to say, “you look bald” and I used to reply, “I know, I know” and try to laugh it off. I wasn’t just the fat, pretty copper, I was the bald, fat, pretty copper.

Everything changed on one late night shift. I was violently attacked and the assault left me with serious spinal injuries. My hair just got thinner and thinner after the assault.

Even in hospital I thought about my hair. I was paralysed for a long time, so I used to ask the nurses, “Will you comb my hair please? Can you try and do something with my hair please?”. As soon as I regained some movement, the first thing I wanted to do was my hair.

Doctors feared I would never walk again. But with time and determination, I did learn to walk again. However, returning to work was a different matter. I did try to go back to the police, but it just wouldn’t work because of the PTSD.

My hair started falling out because of the whole traumatic episode. It just took its toll on my body.

"On one of the proudest days of my life, even the skills of a celebrity hairdresser couldn’t make me feel good about my hair."
Female client Rose on the day she was runner up Slimmer of the year 2007

What happened next?

I lost my brother quite suddenly and that was it, I just started to go bald. It felt like the last straw.

My marriage ended and I just couldn’t stay in a city which held so many bad memories for me. I decided to make a fresh start on the south coast with my two boys. I had to start from the ground up again.

I didn’t think I could do anything about my hair, but losing weight was a different matter. Losing weight was an important part of my recovery after the assault and also made me feel better about my appearance. So I carried on with it.

Every month, I stuck to the diet plan and ultimately lost 14 stone. In 2007 I was even named Slimmer of the Year ‘runner-up’.

When I saw the photo of me at the Slimmer of the Year awards, my hair looked thin and flat. I looked great in my size 10 dress, but my hair looked horrible. On one of the proudest days of my life, even the skills of a celebrity hairdresser couldn’t make me feel good about my hair.

I was body confident when I lost all the weight. I really did gain confidence and it enabled me to start my own business and get my freedom.

But I was never fully happy with how I looked.

Can you tell us more about the business you started?

I decided to use my experience to help other women lose weight and gain confidence. I’ve gradually built up my client list and business is thriving.

Rose at Hair Solved in Bristol before her system was fitted.

How did you first hear about Hair Solved?

Despite having had thin hair for many years I knew nothing about Hair Solved or the system.

Then a client of mine told me about a relative of hers who had a system and now had the most beautiful hair. I searched the internet for Hair Solved, found the Bristol Salon and arranged an online consultation.

When I spoke to Christina at Hair Solved I thought, ‘oh that is for me’.

I was so excited by the possibility of finally solving my hair loss problem, but I had to put my plans on hold while I went into hospital for weight loss reconstruction surgery.

Unfortunately, I contracted sepsis in early December 2021 after my surgery. That’s when my hair just fell out and I was at an all time low. I begged one of my friends to take me to Hair Solved in Bristol.

Emma, the Hair Solved stylist, worked her magic and fitted my new hair system that day. I looked at myself and thought ‘I’ve done it’. It was the first time I truly felt like a woman. After 20 years of heartbreak, the hair was the final lift I needed.

When I got home after my first appointment, I went to bed for four days. I was still so ill after the sepsis. But my hair was done and that’s what got me through it. It gave me a reason to want to get better. I think it was that important, getting that lift, getting it done was so important to me.

"People only saw the hair I didn't have"

Do you agree that having the system fitted at Hair Solved isn’t like going for a medical procedure and that the salon experience is every bit as friendly and personal as going to a hairdresser?

Emma who does my hair is my friend on Facebook now. Right from the very first time she put me at ease, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with her. It was like I had gone to a friend to have my hair done. We hit it off straight away.

One evening, it must have been about 9.30pm, I messaged her on Facebook because I could get my fingers under the mesh and thought ‘ooh that is strange’. I had totally lost track of the time and didn’t realise it was so late, but she was there, just like that. That is how caring she is.

‘Hi Babe,’ she said. ‘How are you doing? I think you have probably lost a couple of beads.’ And with Emma’s reassurance, I knew that I could wait until my next appointment.

How has your new hair changed your life?

I feel more attractive now. Everybody I meet says it has taken ten years off me, at least! And I don’t think I look 60 at all and my sons say, “Mum you look like a different person”.

It feels very natural, you really can’t see anything. One day I washed it and just left it. My partner couldn’t believe how it looked. He said, “that looks amazing, I love your hair like that, it is just like a beach look”.

Now you have the system, what are you looking forward to that you couldn’t do before?

I would always get a burnt head on holiday because my hair was so thin. I would have to wear a baseball cap all the time. I’m looking forward to having a holiday. I am going to swim in the hotel pool, stand under the shower, condition it and then just let it dry. I can’t wait to walk around with wet hair and no more baseball cap.

"I wish I had known that the system existed, I just didn’t know that there was something for thin hair. Now I really love sharing my story because I want other women to know about it."
Rose client at Hair Solved Bristol with long blonde Enhancer System

Would you choose a different colour or style?

I do like the darker browns, but I think I will stick with blonde because I’ve always loved blonde hair. When I have my parting changed, I might try it without a fringe next time. Then if I don’t like it, I can change it back when I go for my next wash. It doesn’t matter, you can really do anything. In a few months I might have it cut into a long bob.

Do you think there is a lack of awareness out there amongst women about the possible solutions for hair loss?

I wish I had known that the system existed, I just didn’t know that there was something for thin hair. Now I really love sharing my story because I want other women to know about it. I often put something on Facebook and think people must be sick of seeing this, but when something is so life transforming, you can’t stop talking about it. My message is simple, ‘Don’t waste 20 years like I did, go and have it done’.

I spread the message in any way I can. I went to one of our regular weight loss meetings recently and half the girls there didn’t recognise me. They were looking at my hair and said they had never seen anything like it… asking what is it? Is it a weave? Since then, many of the women have contacted me because they want to change from extensions to the ‘system’ because it looks so much more natural.

My message is simple, ‘Don’t waste 20 years like I did, go and have it done’.

We are so grateful to Rose for sharing her wonderfully inspiring story and for allowing us to use her own photos which really do show the transformation that she has experienced.

You can find out more about Rose by following her on her social media channels, not only will you get lots of hints and tips on how Rose cares for her Enhancer System you can also find out how she has been supporting slimmers across the UK for the last 16 years. Find Rose here on Instagram and on Facebook.

If you have been inspired by Rose’s Story she has her very own introductory code, ROSE.

Quote code ROSE when you book your consultation and if you proceed with the Enhancer System you will receive £100 off at your fitting. (Offer excludes mini systems).

The Enhancer System

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