Our phone lines are open and we look forward to welcoming you back

Exciting news from Hair Solved Glasgow. We are moving…

The team at Hair Solved Glasgow are delighted to say we have found a new home!

We know that many of our clients are already aware that we have been incredibly busy over the past few months renovating our beautiful new building to meet our clients’ needs and those of our growing business.

We are now happy to say that the wait is almost over and we are ready to open!

The new salon will officially open on Wednesday 26th August 2020. Any appointments booked on 26th August 2020 or after will now be at our new address, 21 Westminster Terrace, Glasgow G3 7RU.

Please don’t worry, it’s not far from the old salon, literally only a few doors away. Walking towards the Lorne Hotel you will notice Fitzroy Place changes to Westminster Terrace. We are in No. 21 next to the traffic lights. The good news is the new salon is on the ground floor making access much easier for all our clients.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we are unable to proceed with our official opening event, however, we will be reorganising this at a later date, and of course you will be cordially invited.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our lovely new salon.

Everyone has worked so hard and we can’t wait to share some photos with you when we officially open, until then here are some photos from our journey…

Decor at new Salon in Glasgow

Transforming our new salon…

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